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Paper Pictures [thu 12 jun 08, 07:06]

Great picture! I really like the texture and the simple colors.

flora [thu 12 jun 08, 06:42]

Oh no... I hope he finds the acorns soon! I love your style! :)He is so cute even though he looks so bummed.

Crystal [wed 11 jun 08, 07:05]

nice style and love the colors!

emily [tue 10 jun 08, 16:57]

it's so silly they do that... but good for the trees! great style.

pinot [tue 10 jun 08, 11:32]

poor squirrel... hope he can remember where he put the acorns the drama and simplicity!

sandra [tue 10 jun 08, 03:45]

Love this. I know how he feels, it often happens to my toast.

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