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Vanmo [fri 23 may 08, 09:58]

A three-yolk egg! What did she eat;)? Must have been a heavy delivery.

thedoodlegirl [thu 22 may 08, 23:32]

Amazing mom there! Such a cute illo! I just love your lines. Really nice!

Krisztina Maros [thu 22 may 08, 20:34]

So sweet!!!

Paul Bommer [thu 22 may 08, 17:44]

I love the expression on her faceouch!and bemused pride.You've a great and very engaging style

Lori McDonough [thu 22 may 08, 15:36]

Ouch! What a brave mama! Great illo...very creative!

Carlyn Beccia [thu 22 may 08, 14:10]

That's the cadillac of eggs. Very cute. lots of personality. I love the look on the mama's face - she doesn't know what to do with this strange egg. great job!

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