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Ciaran [fri 8 feb 08, 14:48]

Really beautiful work.Such sweet characters and the texture ....and everything, everything is perfect.

TR [fri 8 feb 08, 14:40]

Wonderful concept, gorgeous execution. Inspiring!

Paper Pictures [fri 8 feb 08, 05:55]

This is really sweet! I like your other images too- great style.

Kathleen [fri 8 feb 08, 04:50]

Very warm and peaceful - I like the textures, but particularly the stitch-like hairs.

paula mills [fri 8 feb 08, 04:26]

really lovely idea and use of colour

deborah mori [fri 8 feb 08, 03:15]

Oooo, I love the cuteness of this. Your textures are quite lovely. Nice job!

shiho hoshino [fri 8 feb 08, 02:14]

i really like the textures od the animals and the background!

temz4 [fri 8 feb 08, 00:22]

So sweet and lovely!

Digital Scott [thu 7 feb 08, 23:55]

Wow, this is super cool! Love the colors, the style, the neat composition...

Sara [thu 7 feb 08, 23:54]

Sweet! Great idea, nice coulours... I like!

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