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lil kim [thu 3 jan 08, 02:43]

very sweet! I hope he lands okay.

kelly [wed 2 jan 08, 06:50]

I love this! So cute - wonderful illustration style.

alicia PadrĂ³n [tue 1 jan 08, 21:11]

This is wonderful! Love it :o) The colors are perfect and the character is very cute!!

gisela punzet [tue 1 jan 08, 18:46]

this is really cute and funny!

The Unknown [tue 1 jan 08, 01:35]

This is wonderful. I love

kelly LOVES whales [tue 1 jan 08, 01:27]

Wonderful. The richness of the colors is enchanting!

buep [mon 31 dec 07, 14:28]

Adorable illo!Have a Happy New Yearr!

Gina [sun 30 dec 07, 21:14]

so cute! i love those ears flapping in the wind.

faruffa [sun 30 dec 07, 18:49]

fantastic adorable !!!I like your imagination happy new year :o)

Marion [sun 30 dec 07, 17:58]

So good and funny!

Marci Senders [sun 30 dec 07, 17:43]

He is soooo cute!

Tara [sun 30 dec 07, 12:49]

Now he looks truly cheerful, soaring with delight. Love the wooooshing effect and gorgeous colours.

Ella [sun 30 dec 07, 09:23]

This is wonderful! Love the idea and the colors.

Chickengirl [sun 30 dec 07, 07:27]

so sweet!

Natali [sun 30 dec 07, 05:28]

So, so pretty!

myhermitude [sun 30 dec 07, 03:31]

I think I know that dog :^D. She looks like my Beanie, who just might be riding scooters in the sky of the great doggie beyond.

froggie [sun 30 dec 07, 02:19]

i'm MELTING!!!!! this is SUCH a different look for you, tek! i love this! fresh colors, wonderful character and composition! :)) happiest 2008!

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