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Kristi Valiant [fri 30 nov 07, 04:36]

So whimsical and delightful. Great style.

Diane Clancy [thu 29 nov 07, 22:25]

This is great fun!! Very lovely!!~ Diane Clancy<a title="" href=""></a>

lamarta [thu 29 nov 07, 22:01]

This illustration is ver beauty and so sweet:)

shawn [thu 29 nov 07, 21:21]

wow! That is the sweetest illustration. I really love this!!!

chickengirl [thu 29 nov 07, 20:27]

I can tell you pay attention to all the details, everything is well designed, especially the few little red birds in the back. Love your style.

Ginger *:) [thu 29 nov 07, 20:15]

How wonderful! Skates, scarf and all!

elizabeth [thu 29 nov 07, 19:59]

Delightful is the perfect word to describe this. Cozy works too. Whimsical. Okay, enough adjectives. Very nice!

studio lolo [thu 29 nov 07, 19:54]

This is my favorite so far!! Just delightful!

manuela [thu 29 nov 07, 19:44]

ahahha funnie and I like your style :Dciao

tusen [thu 29 nov 07, 19:15]

she's adorable! I love everything about the picture - the sweet, graceful giraffe, the lovely red birds and the patterns and textures of the water and the sky.

Yara [thu 29 nov 07, 19:02]


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