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teri [mon 15 okt 07, 18:18]

love this! it is going to be so difficult to choose just five!

leeza [thu 11 okt 07, 06:01]

Such a unique style — love it!

kdhamel [wed 10 okt 07, 21:37]

Cool - great textures and I love the kitty's eyes!

studio lolo [wed 10 okt 07, 02:21]

as a cat lover I think this is great!

Kim Buchheit [wed 10 okt 07, 00:43]

oh, this is a great concept... and such wonderful textures... yummy!

ElizT [tue 9 okt 07, 22:27]

This is gorgeous, so strong and with such marvellous patterns.

alicia Padrón [tue 9 okt 07, 15:54]

Its very interesting how you did this. Can't stop looking at it. Love the colors and the expression on th cats face. The eyes really pop and like the way you tilted the kittys face. Also the visual textures are very nice.

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