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mjc [tue 23 okt 07, 22:33]


guusjedixie [tue 2 okt 07, 14:29]

This is very beautiful

ninaseven [tue 2 okt 07, 05:02]

lovely work, i especially like the way you let the paint drip, it gives it a real watery look.

Paul Bommer [mon 1 okt 07, 11:20]

this is lovely

emila yusof [mon 1 okt 07, 03:55]


tusen [sun 30 sep 07, 22:37]

I really like the colours and the graceful way she moves her hands.

flora [sun 30 sep 07, 10:08]

Very pretty! Beautiful colors and textures!

willie [sat 29 sep 07, 14:59]

Love this! My kind of woman. :-)

Debbie Egizio [sat 29 sep 07, 05:58]

I love this stunning piece! It's all so fluid and dreamy.

Perriette [sat 29 sep 07, 01:03]

This is gorgeous. Love her multiple arms and the textures...oh, and there is a string keeping her from floating away. hahaha Great.

tekentijger [fri 28 sep 07, 23:36]

Thank you all for your nice comments! SugaRy: I used acrylics on canvas. It was a bit of an experiment for me, because I usually work with outlines, but I'm trying to improve my painting-skills by avoiding the outlines, so I am forced to pay more attention to tonal values. I usually complete a painting in one session, but on this piece a worked several times, adding semi-transparent layers of paint.

cathie [fri 28 sep 07, 22:35]

beautifully ethereal!

get zapped [fri 28 sep 07, 20:36]

A walk through the blues. Very striking piece!

anna barrow [fri 28 sep 07, 19:43]

Great colours and fabulous ilustration! She is just magical!

murphy girl [fri 28 sep 07, 18:18]

i love that you only show her feet in the thumbnail!

Nicole [fri 28 sep 07, 17:39]

Just beautiful! from the color to the forms to the flow of the many arms.:)

Wendy [fri 28 sep 07, 16:57]

That is very pretty, and the colors are so soothing.

sugaRy [fri 28 sep 07, 16:43]

Very pretty. Can you talk a bit about your technique? Is it digital?

red-handed [fri 28 sep 07, 16:10]

Spooky, nicely designed.

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