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agi [fri 31 aug 07, 14:32]

nice work!

teri [fri 31 aug 07, 03:22]

this made me laugh! i love getting the perspective of the mice...they are thinking, "why is this lady on a chair and why is she screaming her head off?? " great piece.teri

arxo [wed 29 aug 07, 15:00]

xaxaxaI can imagine her expression...great piece...

Dudley Redhead [wed 29 aug 07, 13:48]

that's great - I relate to that completely..nice idea.

eli [wed 29 aug 07, 07:54]

Supercool! Great colors and design!

Diane Duda [tue 28 aug 07, 04:56]

I love it too! Every little detail!

Rose [tue 28 aug 07, 02:47]

I love this!!!I've been using mice in a lot of my illustrations recently, too!But these are adorable!!

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