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Thierry [fri 3 aug 07, 13:45]

Nice illo! I love the simplicity of your drawning.

michael [fri 3 aug 07, 07:23]

cool. simple. i really like this style now

studio lolo [fri 3 aug 07, 05:58]

Fantastic, adorable!!

Patrick [fri 3 aug 07, 04:48]

Oh, just excellent. I dig the texture and that great rusty red. Great, simple piece!

eli edmundson [fri 3 aug 07, 02:06]

Nicely done, two moons for the price of one. Great, cute cartoon!

scribblesk [fri 3 aug 07, 02:05]

Adorably original!

rachel [thu 2 aug 07, 23:28]

This is so cool! I love it.

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