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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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georg [thu 22 feb 07, 21:33]

It's so funny and well-done!But I'm glad, that I'm not the cow!

guusje dixie [thu 22 feb 07, 16:18]

I love it,is wonderful and fun

scribblesk [thu 22 feb 07, 02:50]

This is so fun and clever. Love it!

Halloweenville [tue 20 feb 07, 23:25]

wow, awesome

Anja [mon 19 feb 07, 22:50]

Very good idea and so funny!

Michelle Lana [mon 19 feb 07, 16:21]


zannli [mon 19 feb 07, 00:00]

This is the first animation I've ever seen submitted. I personally think it is really cute. Though I hate to think what that cow ate to make it so "udderly" inflatable :)

mac mcrae [sun 18 feb 07, 21:59]

udderly cool!

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