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Jana Bouc [fri 19 jan 07, 06:23]

That's perfect! I love your illustration style and the concept is so funny!

tekentijger [thu 18 jan 07, 14:39]

Ja, of een van de spice girls! Sorry felix=)

Vanmo [thu 18 jan 07, 14:15]

Hangt dat ding er nu nog steeds? Nou ja beter dan een MJ poster!

tusen [tue 16 jan 07, 21:51]

Great illustration! I like your fingers - one can see how angry you are ;)

Brian Blankenship [tue 16 jan 07, 03:51]

Funny...but it is important that you find these things out now...

Ron [mon 15 jan 07, 20:49]

Hehe, no jokes about nonzen Sjors, wa!

Gas [mon 15 jan 07, 19:04]

Oh my god! This is sooo funny!Great!

erika [mon 15 jan 07, 18:58]

hahaha. but he looks so happy! :( lol.

Michelle Lana [mon 15 jan 07, 18:25]

great style! lovely!

daphne [mon 15 jan 07, 17:15]

vet grappig!!

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