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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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MiJa [fri 12 jan 07, 04:48]

This is such a sweet illo! Great work!

flossy-p [fri 12 jan 07, 02:52]

Oooooo, that is soooo cute. I want a chubby bee with heart antenae, that I can cuddle and love too!

Kimberly Robello [wed 10 jan 07, 20:51]

This is so cute! I love the texture and drawing.

marisa [wed 10 jan 07, 14:59]

Oh wow! This is the best one for buzz I have seen. So cute. Love her hair and bee is so friendly and cuddly.

Anette Heiberg [tue 9 jan 07, 23:08]

Beautiful, and I love the colors!

Julia Kelly [mon 8 jan 07, 15:47]

Oh- you found a perfect illo for the theme- you dont have to do another one- though would love to see what you come up with! The texture is wonderful and what a great concept for the theme!

PatrĂ­cia Coelho [sun 7 jan 07, 16:13]

michelle lana [sun 7 jan 07, 15:16]

Great work...absolutely adorable!

jeannette [sun 7 jan 07, 09:16]

very sweet little piece

Mike [sun 7 jan 07, 07:22]

Very nice illustration. excellent job.

Brian [sun 7 jan 07, 03:54]

Nice texture and color use on this...

basma [sat 6 jan 07, 22:38]

Ohhh.. how adorable is this!

Theresa [sat 6 jan 07, 22:09]

This is so charming! Terrific Job. Cheers, Theresa

Digital Scott [sat 6 jan 07, 18:40]

Well done! Beautiful colors, and lovely feel to it.

diane Duda [sat 6 jan 07, 17:53]

it's so perfect...i love it!

tusen [sat 6 jan 07, 17:36]

this is so sweet and lovely!

Pati @-;-- [sat 6 jan 07, 16:32]

Awwww... This illo is so cute that I want to hug the bee too ;)

bozena [sat 6 jan 07, 16:23]

Ooooh..I love this. The bee looks tired and worn after a long hard day of making honey. I feel the love.

Astrid [sat 6 jan 07, 15:14]

how sweet! very cute idea, and nicely done =)

enigma [sat 6 jan 07, 14:23]

so sweet and love your technique!

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