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JW [fri 5 jan 07, 22:59]

Wow! Honey, I thought you hated farting in public! This fellow sure put a light on it...

TROWBRIDGE CHRONICLES [fri 5 jan 07, 03:55]

Beautiful painting, such a clever idea.

scribblesk [thu 4 jan 07, 23:40]

Good use of marshmallow motif - taking advantage of the self-immolation thing while it can! I love your take!

tusen [thu 4 jan 07, 22:37]

sweet idea! and I really like the legs

garth [thu 4 jan 07, 18:36]

Very clever. Nice painting job.

erika [thu 4 jan 07, 17:03]

haha! this is awesome. love the light and colors. gorgeous.

Pati @-;-- [thu 4 jan 07, 13:53]

Hehehehe... very nice and funny!

put out the big light [thu 4 jan 07, 02:22]

oh my gosh! great! now where is a campfire when you need one... i want some smores.

Helen [thu 4 jan 07, 01:21]

What a GREAT idea! Where's my marshmallow stick?? Love the colors, too!

alina [wed 3 jan 07, 19:47]

HA! HA !! Great concept!! Fun colorful piece!!

benconservato [wed 3 jan 07, 17:57]

Well done, he is not burning that marshmallow yet either, he has talent!

jo [wed 3 jan 07, 17:36]

Great piece, very funny.

Michelle Lana [wed 3 jan 07, 17:22]

adorable! clever idea! great!

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