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[thu 7 dec 06]
The inspiration this week came from the blind date I arranged yesterday for my friend Daphne and a guy at my work. So far they seem to like eachother! It would be nice if it worked out , because she's the one who arranged a date for me and my now-boyfriend three years ago!

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Taffy [fri 8 dec 06, 14:21]

What a unique caterpillar. You have an original artistic style. Cheers!

scribblesk [fri 8 dec 06, 05:23]

Delightful, vibrant!

Theresa Smith [fri 8 dec 06, 03:58]

Oh, the colors here are simply terrific! I love this one!Cheers,Theresa

studio lolo [fri 8 dec 06, 01:56]

So colorful and sweet. I hope she loves him back!

Alina [thu 7 dec 06, 21:08]

cute illo!

john [thu 7 dec 06, 17:24]

Nice job!

Vanmo [thu 7 dec 06, 15:29]

Ik zie een grote roze wolk ;) En een dejà-vu

Michelle Lana [thu 7 dec 06, 14:02]

hehe....lovely work and love the colors!

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