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ASepiaColoredPhoto [thu 16 nov 06, 05:10]

ADORABLE!!!(^_^) i just want to hug it to death

bearuh [wed 15 nov 06, 00:33]

Very cute!

aLeX [mon 13 nov 06, 15:17]

Nyahaha! It's just so smoggingly adorable!

Guusje Dixie [mon 13 nov 06, 13:52]

This is great. I love it

Tj [mon 13 nov 06, 13:22]

How did I miss this? I didn't see it till it was featured in the pic of the week pane! I love the colour combination, and the expression on his face is lovely! And the fact that he has a chimney (how did you think that up?!) is just iceing on the cake! Congratulations on winning, you deserve it! (Plus your colour combo is pretty much the same as our flag heheh!)

caaz [sat 11 nov 06, 03:38]

Simple y hermoso. ¬°Felicidades!!!

catnapping [fri 10 nov 06, 21:01]

OMG, this is HILLARIOUS. The best illo for "smoke," hands down!

alina [fri 10 nov 06, 20:02]

This is soo cute! Lovely!

pierre [fri 10 nov 06, 18:35]

Congratulation for the picking !! nice work by the way ^^

Beatrice [fri 10 nov 06, 16:54]

Congrats on being pick of the week! Your artwork is very fun and unique!

sahar [fri 10 nov 06, 16:52]

very funny and nice ideagood luck

benconservato [fri 10 nov 06, 16:40]

See, even the spam monsters like your illustration, congratulations on pick of the week!

Ellen [fri 10 nov 06, 16:31]

Congrats on the pick of the week!!

Moniek [fri 10 nov 06, 16:29]

Stoer vrouw! Je bent 'gewoon' pick of the week.Ik ben trots op je. Maar hé dude je moet echt wel eens wat aan spam recognition doen hoor:)

hemelsgroen [fri 10 nov 06, 15:27]

Hee leuk, een Nederlandse pic of the week!

mb [fri 10 nov 06, 15:10]

Your work is really very striking. I can see that you really have something to say, no matter the subject. Lovely, work. Your thought process is fabulous, and I look forward to coming back to see what new ideas you will share!

studio lolo [fri 10 nov 06, 00:06]

How cool is this dude!! Very nice and fun illo!

Diana [thu 9 nov 06, 19:42]

This is funny! But I still think he should quit. ;-)

W en W [thu 9 nov 06, 19:28]

Hij is geweldig!!

Anja [thu 9 nov 06, 18:12]

So funny and cute. Noce colors.

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