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[thu 5 okt 06]
I spend one quiet morning (well, actually almost the whole day, because he needed an scarf and a hat too) making this polarbear. It's been years since I used needle and thread for the last time. I'm planning to do this more often, it's so relaxing!

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willie [sat 7 okt 06, 13:20]

This is adorable!

Frizz [sat 7 okt 06, 01:23]

This is wondeful. Anymore coming?? Great work!

Moniek [fri 6 okt 06, 13:24]

niet waar! en je sokpop dan? ;)die minisjaal, zo grappig... kun je er ook één voor mij maken maar dan meer mijn maat?

ella [fri 6 okt 06, 05:58]

so beautiful! i want to have that!

melissa [fri 6 okt 06, 02:19]

so cute, love the scarf!

jimmy [fri 6 okt 06, 01:47]

Pretty dang cute!

AscenderRisesAbove [thu 5 okt 06, 23:23]

very sweet

juliemc [thu 5 okt 06, 23:10]

This is awesome; well worth the time!

Courtney [thu 5 okt 06, 21:31]

so cuddly, makes me want a cup of cocoa just looking at him.

Jeannette [thu 5 okt 06, 20:35]

very cute

Stacia [thu 5 okt 06, 20:14]

Perfect stitches! What a fabulous job!

diane duda [thu 5 okt 06, 19:41]

He is so clean and white! I just love his colorful scarf. Very cute.

alina [thu 5 okt 06, 19:07]

soo cute and lovely!!

catnapping [thu 5 okt 06, 18:06]

He's adorable. I love the scarf!..and that nose!

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