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Sultry Painter Woman [fri 15 sep 06, 00:59]

LOVE THESE! (And They Might Be Giants as well!) Did you actually make wood cuts, or are they drawi?

Muffin [thu 14 sep 06, 07:59]

Oh haha, I like these. Greit pattern. They look like something i'd love to put up in the kitchen. ;) Great idea.

r.prat77 [wed 13 sep 06, 19:36]

love it! the fish/pig is my favourite :)

Stephanie Moen [tue 12 sep 06, 13:59]

Awesome!This is a great idea I love how they all turned out & your style.

lil kim [tue 12 sep 06, 12:50]

I love it!!! hilarious and fantastic.

Anja [tue 12 sep 06, 10:19]


abula [tue 12 sep 06, 09:57]

This is so cool!.. Nice!

troglodyte mignon [tue 12 sep 06, 01:45]

great technique!!

steve [tue 12 sep 06, 01:42]

these are fantastic! great ideas!

hemelsgroen [mon 11 sep 06, 21:29]

Heel leuk! Die kipvis ziet er heel natuurlijk uit, ik ontdekte er in eerste instantie niet eens iets raars aan... haha.

MiJa [mon 11 sep 06, 21:14]

I think this is so fun and creative! These would look so cute up in a kitchen! Love it!

Mattias [mon 11 sep 06, 17:21]

Wonderful, so charming, the pig fish is price less

irisz [mon 11 sep 06, 09:02]

very cool series!!

Alina [mon 11 sep 06, 08:21]

HA! HA! This is brilliant!

Natali [mon 11 sep 06, 07:22]

Gorgeous work and great idea!!

Zack [mon 11 sep 06, 01:50]

Great illos! Though, They Might Be Giants didn't write the Fish Head song. Just, FYI.

j... [mon 11 sep 06, 01:38]

great, it makes me think of Benetton's ads.

liz [mon 11 sep 06, 00:54]

Awesome! Weird and wonderful art!

Geninne [sun 10 sep 06, 22:01]

AMAZING, loved the little weird fishies :-) Your style rocks!

Antiheroe [sun 10 sep 06, 22:00]

i love it, the style, concept... all :)

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