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[thu 10 aug 06]
When I was on holiday in Thailand, there was a woman selling birds. You could buy the birds and set them free. It was supposed to be good for your karma, I was told. I'm a bit concerned about the lady's karma though....

I want to to more 'serious' stuff, instead of all the cute animals I use to do. I'm not totally pleased with the outcome (so if you have any suggestions...) but I'm trying not be too hard on myself because I tried, and that is already something good.

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Bron Smith [fri 11 aug 06, 05:31]

I like your use of patterns and your unique color combinations. Very nice illustration.

Natali [fri 11 aug 06, 01:31]

Great work.

Anette [thu 10 aug 06, 17:38]

Nice illustration! I like all the red colors!

Gina Cuff [thu 10 aug 06, 17:09]

I hope all the birds are set free. This piece is very, very good. I like it!

Kevin [thu 10 aug 06, 16:37]

This is a really great concept for this theme. Capture, and the concept of future release. The colors are quite good, and add a lot to the piece.:)=

catnapping [thu 10 aug 06, 16:17]

I like the use of red and blue. I hit me in the gut to think of all those frightened, hungry bird in those cages. Thank goodness somebody will set them free. I can't think this would be too good for her karma.

Mara [thu 10 aug 06, 14:34]

Wat een belachelijk idee, dat vogels vrijlaten voor een beter karma! Maar ik vind de illustratie erg mooi, de blauwe contouren en sowieso de kleuren. En ik vind haar ook echt Thais. Nee, ik zou je geen tips kunnen geven om hem nog te verbeteren, ik zou hem gewoon zo laten!

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