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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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erika [thu 3 aug 06, 14:44]

woah. very striking and hits to the core immediately.good job!

flossy-p [thu 3 aug 06, 06:22]

Nice colours, Great style, clever concept.

Jules [thu 3 aug 06, 01:18]

Fabulous concept and execution. Love it.

stacey m [wed 2 aug 06, 18:50]

nice illo, powerful commentary.

Digital Scott [wed 2 aug 06, 17:10]

Great colors. i love the use of red in this. Very well done.

willie [wed 2 aug 06, 15:14]

Nice drawing, and a good message. :-)

ejk [wed 2 aug 06, 15:04]

Wow... that's a poowerful message...

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