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Sandra [fri 28 jul 06, 23:30]

The sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me.. And a great illustration too!The moved friend, NZ

fenris [fri 28 jul 06, 22:58]

what an interesting take on the theme. lovely illo.

FRANFOU [fri 28 jul 06, 04:48]

So sweeeeeeet ! bravo !

Sarah [fri 28 jul 06, 04:17]

Very adorable illustration. That is a great way to show someone on the opposite side of the world!

flossy-p [fri 28 jul 06, 01:17]

so did mine! I'm in Australia and my friend just moved to France, but hey, who could blame her?!Lovely illo!

kathy weller [thu 27 jul 06, 22:12]

this is great. so heartfelt. i am sorry.

erika [thu 27 jul 06, 21:21]

aw, sweet and sad. beautiful illo, hope you can visit your friend soon though.

paula [thu 27 jul 06, 17:55]

Very nice! About as opposite as you can get. Enjoy your style!

claudine hellmuth [thu 27 jul 06, 17:28]

aww! lovely and sweet! I like how you inverted the bottom illo.

Sweet Pea [thu 27 jul 06, 17:13]

It is so sad when friends move away - you have captured it perfectly and it is a lovely illustration :)

constance [thu 27 jul 06, 16:51]

I'm sorry too. I know how it feels. Very nice work :)

Diane Duda [thu 27 jul 06, 16:45]

I'm sorry that your friend is so far away. This is a lovely tribute to your friendship. Great work!

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