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samantha [fri 23 jun 06, 10:15]

I love the joy captured by the bear - and a great way to remind people of a worthy cause.

Sweet Pea [thu 22 jun 06, 22:05]

Lovely colours and texture and the bear's shape is so cute!

lil kim [thu 22 jun 06, 10:23]

I love this! He looks so cuddly!

maria eugenia [thu 22 jun 06, 09:21]

sorry, forgot to put my name,i like it very much , it seems a page of a picture book.

[thu 22 jun 06, 09:17]

i'ts wonderful ! is it part of a picture book?

pip [thu 22 jun 06, 02:18]

very appealing bear and illo. love it!

scribblesk [wed 21 jun 06, 23:18]

What a fun and happy bear!

Franfou [wed 21 jun 06, 19:23]

very nice characther !!!I like the shape

LudaChristian [wed 21 jun 06, 19:14]

NICE! Love the textures!

Princess Pepper Cloud [wed 21 jun 06, 18:59]

No bears were harmed in this painting. Your patchwork bear is dancing because he is free. Nice work with textures and color

claudine hellmuth [wed 21 jun 06, 18:43]

this is wonderful! I love your style!

Geninne [wed 21 jun 06, 18:35]

Cute! and I loved the little birdy too!

haze [wed 21 jun 06, 18:11]

this is a fabulous illor that would make such a great fund-raiser card.i must say, being from the US, i wasn't familiar with tht whole story of the dancing bears. i think it's a very worthy cause that definitely deserves support.hat's off

wynlen [wed 21 jun 06, 17:35]

What a cute and fun bear! Glad to hear he's happy and free.

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