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Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists. This week's topic is:


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claudine hellmuth [thu 15 jun 06, 03:42]

This little guy is co cute! Love it!

Majeak Ann [wed 14 jun 06, 02:23] this jungle..I'm in and i'll wear this costume!-Marjorie

pungang [wed 14 jun 06, 00:39]

What a fun pic! Very cute!!!

carla [wed 14 jun 06, 00:35]

This is really adorable! I like the graphic style and the cheerful mood. I checked out your's really nice! I love the little animations:>

Marci Senders [tue 13 jun 06, 23:12]

This is really adorable!

Sorrel Alicia Sparks [tue 13 jun 06, 22:23]

very nice bold style and strong colours, very effective illustration. I liiike!

ARVINDH [tue 13 jun 06, 22:09]

cute and happy illo!

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