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Jessica Poundstone [thu 25 may 06, 07:58]

: )

jim [wed 24 may 06, 20:50]

hehe, I am liking the sense of humour here, oh yes.

arvindh [tue 23 may 06, 21:28]

ha ha very funny!

scribblesk [tue 23 may 06, 03:46]

Wow, what great colors and style and at least the bird is apolegetic!

joelle [tue 23 may 06, 02:13]

very funny!:)

janey [tue 23 may 06, 02:07]

That actually happened to me. Sadly, therapy doesn't help.

Chad Baldwin [tue 23 may 06, 00:21]

Ha Ha this is great!! I don't know what kind of bird that is. . but thats why I like it!! You made me smile!!

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